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ქვეყანაში მიწოდებისას: Македонија
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თუ ეს საქონელი ამჟამად მიუწვდომელია, შეიყვანეთ თქვენი ელფოსტის მისამართი ქვემოთ, რომ მიიღოთ ავტომატური შეტყობინება, როდესაც ის ისევ მარაგში იქნება!

შესაძლებელია თუ არა იმ ნივთის შეკვეთა, რომელიც არ არის ჩამოთვლილი ვებსაიტზე, ან ჩამოთვლილია როგორც "მიუწვდომელი"?

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Che Guevara (actually Ernesto Guevara) was born in 1928 in the Argentine city of Rosario, and was killed in 1967 in Bolivia. He was a Latin American revolutionist and writer. He came from a family belonging to the Argentinean middle class, which, however, showed considerable left-wing political sympathies, quite clearly affecting the young Ernesto. The future revolutionary graduated from medical studies at the University of Buenos Aires and shortly afterwards, in 1953, left Argentina. He went down in history as a supporter of the Cuban Revolution, which he actively supported and participated in, and which led to the seizure of power in Cuba by Fidel Castro in 1959. After the victory of the communist revolution on the island, he became a member of the government, acting, inter alia, as the minister of agriculture. In 1965, he went to Congo to support the local revolution, and a year later he went to Bolivia - also with the aim of supporting the guerrilla fights taking place there. There he was captured by pro-government troops and murdered on October 9, 1967. Despite many critics, he is seen as one of the symbols of the 1968 youth revolution and a kind of revolutionary ideal.

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დაამატეთ მიმოხილვა: Che Guevara
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შესაძლებელია თუ არა იმ ნივთის შეკვეთა, რომელიც არ არის ჩამოთვლილი ვებსაიტზე, ან ჩამოთვლილია როგორც "მიუწვდომელი"?
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